Eastland Middle School Principal

Major Mickens Eastland Middle School Principal

Dr. Major Mickens



Dear Eastland Families,


I would like to say hello to some and introduce myself to others. My name is Major Mickens and I am the new Head Principal at Eastland Middle School. I have worked for Roseville Community Schools for over twenty years serving as a paraprofessional, custodian, computer technician, teacher, coach, and most recently as District Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at both Roseville High School and Eastland Middle School. I am also a product of Roseville Community Schools and graduate of Roseville High School. I feel that my past experience has prepared me to be an educational leader at Eastland Middle School. Since I have worked with the staff and know many of the students and parents, I feel that I will be able to hit the ground running in order to kick off the 2015-16 school year. I also look forward to working with many members, new and returning, of the Parent Club. Please consider getting involved! I am excited for the change and I believe that with our current staff, Eastland Middle School students will be encouraged to reach their highest potential. Additionally, I am looking forward to working with Dennis Borse who is joining our staff from Roseville High School. Mr. Borse is taking my place as Assistant Principal at Eastland Middle School, as well as District Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Roseville High School. He was formerly an English teacher at Roseville High School and has spent time as a middle school athletic coach. I feel his experiences as both a teacher and coach will help to enhance students’ learning opportunities and educational growth. In addition to building strong relationships with all of you, it is important to me that your children, Eastland’s students, benefit from this partnership. I encourage students and parents to have discussions about the objectives and lessons they are learning at school and future plans. I know that the Eastland staff has high expectations for students, and they have and will continue to have these discussions with students every day. Imagine what we could do for students if, as a school community, we were all having similar discussions. If you ever have a concern or question, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Communication is paramount for your child’s success in school. For this reason, I will always encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or me with questions and/or concerns. I look forward to working with your children and you in the upcoming school year. I encourage all of you to attend our Meet the Principal / Parent Club Meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd to meet with each other and hear firsthand any updates about Eastland Middle School.



Go Cougars.


Major Mickens