Gifted and Talented

"My kids can't stop talking about her. She seems to motivate them so when they come home they want to do their work. They want to complete their project. They want to go back. She's an amazing teacher."

Gifted and
Talented Program

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Nancy Gitter



Kaiser Elementary

16700 Wildwood

Roseville, MI  48066


Phone :  (586) 445-5785

"She understands kids who have fantastic imaginations and how to get them to focus and learn without forcing them or pushing them. She allows their imaginations to go wherever they want to go and it's o.k. and whatever that is, is o.k."

Classroom Information

 Classes begin at 9:00 Dismissal at 2:15 Students should be ready for bus by 8:40. All P.C. supplies should stay in their backpacks.


· Lunch 12:30-1:00 Cost and choices same as home school. Students should bring a healthy snack to eat in the morning.


· Refer to your calendar to note class day changes around holiday breaks and testing periods. These dates will continue to change in winter and spring.


· Sign up for REMIND on your phone to keep updated with changes and to receive reminders.


· Parent Teacher Conferences: I do not make appointments, as the time is limited for the number of students. If you wish to meet with me, please limit to a 10 minute conference. I will be at Kaiser School during all elementary conference times.


October 12 (evening) October 13 (afternoon)


March 22 (evening) March 23 (afternoon)


· Students should bring folders and books home after each class. Folders should be returned with pocket labeled Done empty. Please go through notes with your child. Ongoing projects are stored in the classroom. Already sent home Passports, Clue Me In book and Homework sheet


· Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to get involved! Be a guest speaker, or accompany a guest speaker to our class. Chaperone a trip. Help plan for our Cultural Celebration on April 13. Plan a Fundraiser for our program. Be an advocate for your child and for our Gifted and Talented Program at your home school and in your community!


· All schools will participate in our Cultural Celebration on March 16, and complete an independent Country Project.


· Field trip information to Detroit Historical Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts on December 6 or January 17 enclosed. All students are encouraged to participate.


· Please send in any used ink cartridges. I send in a box when I fill one. We get a small refund or supplies in return.


· Please vote for my Cultural Celebration Project on line up to 5 times a day at Voting is from October 16-27


Gifted and Talented is a district program for third through fifth grade students who are eligible for accelerated learning. Students are nominated by their teachers and chosen for the program based on test scores.


Roseville Community Schools

18975 Church Street
Roseville, MI  48066


Classroom Information