Letter from Patton Principal

Patton Elementary

School Principal Letter

Hello and welcome to Patton Elementary School!


My name is Jeanne Williams and I am the proud Principal of this incredible school that is located in the northern point of Roseville. I have worked for Roseville Community Schools for over eighteen years serving as a principal, sixth grade teacher, fourth grade teacher, and girls’ volleyball coach for 7th through 9th grades.  These years in education and prior experience in the business world, have prepared me on how to best enhance our students’ learning opportunities, educational and character growth.


It takes a community working together to create a well rounded, educational environment.  My goal as Principal is to bridge a strong relationship and partnership between the school and community.  Research shows that the parental involvement in the school directly impacts the academic success of the student.  I look forward to developing a Patton Parent Club with you. Please consider getting involved!


In addition to building strong relationships with all of you, it is important to me that your children- Patton students, benefit from this partnership. To this end, I encourage students and parents to have daily discussions about the objectives and lessons they are learning at school. I know that the Patton staff has high expectations for students. They have and will continue to hold the standards high as they guide each students along on his or her educational continuum.  Imagine what we could do for students if, as a school community, we were all having similar discussions.


If you ever have a concern or question, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Communication is paramount for your child’s success in school and our success as an educational institution. For this reason, I also encourage you to contact your child’s teacher with questions and/or concerns. I look forward to working with your children and you in the upcoming school year. I look forward to seeing you at the Open House/Parent Club Start-Up, Wednesday, September 16th to meet me, the staff, and each other. Together we will plan for the successful year,





Jeanne M. Williams, Principal