School Buildings & Locations

We take pride in providing a safe and secure environment for every student. All schools have been renovated to provide secured entrances and increased safety.

 Over the years, we renovated or built new schools, updated safety and security and purchased new technology. Providing our students with an innovative learning environment is our commitment.


If you are not already a member of our RCS family, we invite you to visit our schools and learn about all the exciting things happening in the Roseville Community Schools. Building principals will be happy to schedule a tour of their updated facilities.

16225 Dort Street

Fax: (586) 445-5753

Fax:  (586) 445-5769


18530 Marquette

Fax: (586) 445-5784


16700 Wildwood

Fax:  (586) 445-5789


20033 Washington

Fax: (586) 445-5764


18851 McKinnon




18700 Frank


Fax: (586) 445-5721




Fax: (586) 445-5620



Main Office Fax:            (586) 445-5654
Counseling Office Fax:  (586) 445-5581