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Where today's students

become tomorrow's leaders

Roseville Community Schools are committed to providing your child with an exceptional learning experience. Our dedicated, qualified and caring staff are focused on providing high levels of student achievement. Our newly renovated school buildings provide an innovative learning environment.


Experienced Professionals

Roseville Schools staff members are all well-trained professionals who excel in their field. Members serve as advisers as well as coaches to ensure your child's educational success.


Opportunities for Students

Roseville offers many opportunities for students to make a positive impact on their school. Extra-curricular activities are one of those opportunities. Students can participant in an activity they enjoy, where they can interact with others, and work to develop their talents and passions.



Technology allows students to become more creative and connected. Our network infrastructure has been updated allowing our students to develop their digital citizenship skills.



We take pride in providing a safe and secure environment for every student. All schools have been renovated to provide secured entrances and increased safety.

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transparency mi school data
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