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Dort Elementary School
16225 Dort

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5750

Fountain Elementary School

16850 Wellington

Roseville, MI  48066

(586) 445-5765

Huron Park Elementary School
18530 Marquette

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5780

Kaiser Elementary School
16700 Wildwood

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5785


Kment  Elementary School
20033 Washington

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5756


Patton Elementary School
18851 McKinnon

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5795

Steenland Elementary School
16335 Chestnut

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5745

Eastland Middle School
18700 Frank

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5700

Roseville Middle School
16250 Martin

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5600

Roseville High School
17855 Common

Roseville, MI 48066

(586) 445-5540

High School Students Awarded Scholarships

Roseville High School students Alyssa Rogers and Christian Jackson earned a college scholarship.


Alyssa Rogers is one of ten high school students to be accepted into the Wayne State University Med-Direct program, a unique program that guarantees admission to Wayne State's School of Medicine and Irvin D. Reid Honors College. Earning the Med-Direct program gives Rogers four years of paid undergraduate tuition, four years of paid School of Medicine tuition, and four years of paid undergraduate room and board costs in university housing. The scholarship also allows her admission to WSU's Honors College and the WSU School of Medicine upon satisfaction of the eligibility requirements.  To qualify for the program, students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and a achieve a score of 1340 or higher on the SAT, or 30 or higher on the ACT. She said that she was very excited to be chosen.  Rogers said that she became interested in the medical field from her mother, who works at St. John Macomb, as well as through some of her classes at the high, including AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. She also volunteers at the hospital outside of school. She hopes to work in emergency medicine after completing the program. Rogers boasts a 4.29 GPA and is part of Student Assembly and National Honor Society at Roseville High School.


Christian Jackson was awarded the Chick Evans Scholarship. The scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for golf caddies valued at more than $80,000. To qualify a student must be nominated by a golf club official, have at least two years of outstanding caddying service, possess an excellent high school academic record, and needs to demonstrate significant financial need. Jackson said that he started caddying at the Country Club of Detroit during the summer of 2016.  "That summer I just started talking to golfers and I met one of the people that helps with the Evans Scholarship. After being named as a finalist, he was interviewed by many members of the selection committee. Two weeks later, he received word that he was one of the ten winners. Christian is also involved in band, Student Assembly, National Honor Society, and the Spanish Club. He also carries a 3.68 GPA. Christian be attending Michigan State University in the fall, where he plans on studying business or political science before moving onto law school.


Roseville Community Schools is committed to providing your child with an exceptional learning experience. Our dedicated qualified and caring staff are focused on providing high levels of student achievement. Our newly renovated school buildings provide an innovative learning environment.

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Roseville Community Schools will be going for a bond in May of 2018.  This bond will primarily be to upgrade the district's aging technology, purchase new school buses, and upgrade the athletic field at RHS. Read more about the school election.


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Our building and district calendars have been updated with data that parents asked for.


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You can view district events on the main page of the website. Individual building calendars are viewable on your school building page. Sports calendars and district events are on the calendars page, along with all the building calendars.


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